Unwanted main method (was Re: My messages were removed from newsgroup)

2004-04-28 06:15:59 AM
Raymond Kennington wrote:
When testing a class, the automatically createable main method contains

MainClass mainClass1 = new MainClass();

yet removing it makes no difference to running the test, so why include it?
Please do *NOT* post a new topic like this as a "reply to" some othjer
random topic. Post a *new topic*. Most newsreaders (including Outlook
Express, before you ask) understand the concept of writing a new message
vs. a response to an existing message.
Back to this one: is this from the "New Class" dialog, or from "New Test
For "New Class", it's just a matter of unchecking "Generate Main Method"
in the new class dialog. Uncheck whatever you don't need.