Re: Please Help: Interfaces in J2ME applications with JBuilder 7SE

2003-09-12 02:04:25 PM
Rolf Gebhardt wrote:
for J2ME applications, I have the following configuration:
- JBuilder 7SE + MobileSet 3.01 + Sun WirelessToolkit 1.0.4
+ Nokia Developer's
Suite + Siemens

under Windows98.

When I create a (emty) Interface with the JBuilder-New-Expert and
implement it,
I get a runtime error: " ALERT: Bad class access flags" for all SDK's.
Under a standalone-SDK (like WTK1.0.4) without JBuilder
the application run's very well.
What is the problem?

Sounds like you are no compiling with the J2ME, but rather the SDK, or
something is not on your classpath. Check the Project settings.