Changing the way Designer works with panel elements.

2004-11-07 11:34:49 AM
When I began working with JBuilder, I liked the "Designer" but I
didn't know how to modify the project to suit my tastes w/o breaking
the ability of Designer to work with the GUI elements.
I worked around this by performing the following steps:
1.Use the wizard to create a new class derived from 'JPanel'
2.In Designer, add a panel to the Frame I'm working in.
3.Go to the source for that Frame and change the type of panel created
to that of the one I created in the Wizard.
4.Perform all edits to that panel in the file in which it is defined.
It is possible to visually make edits in the Frame file, but they will
not appear in the panel file.
This way allows me to add panels to a Frame in Designer and edit their
elements in the separate files in which they're defined. That is what
I want to do. But because I found this method on my own by
experimenting, I'd like to know if there isn't an official way to do