[ANN] WASP Developer 4.6 - Web Services Plugin

2003-09-09 08:02:14 PM
Hi all, I would like to announce new version of WASP Developer - web services plugin for JBuilder.
Can be downloaded from: www.systinet.com/products/wasp_developer/overview
The new release includes unique support for OASIS Web Services Security (WS-S), providing standards-based message-level security.
WASP Developer also offers full support for SOAP 1.2, SOAP with attachments, and the industry's most comprehensive support for Java
Web services APIs, including JAX-RPC, JAXM, and SAAJ. WASP Developer, 4.6 is available for the latest editions of Sun ONE
Studio/NetBeans, Eclipse, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer, and Borland JBuilder. WASP Developer is offered free.
WASP Developer, 4.6 provides a point-and-click experience that quickly turns any existing Java application into a Web services in
minutes, allowing customers to leverage the benefits of Web services quickly and efficiently. New features in the 4.6 release
a.. SOAP 1.2 Support
WASP Server for Java, 4.6 was used as a reference implementation by the W3C for the latest SOAP 1.2 specification. The standard
offers a much clearer framework for extensibility, which ensures interoperability between different SOAP implementations.
a.. Support for Web Services Security (WS-Security)
In addition to the many security capabilities already in WASP Developer, version 4.6 now includes WS-S message-level security. WASP
supports both the OASIS WS-Security standard currently and the earlier, Microsoft-IBM WS-Security specifications. This ensures that
WASP is compatible with all WS-Security implementations.
a.. SOAP with Attachments
WASP Developer supports MIME and DIME encoding of SOAP attachments. Most vendors have standardized on the newer DIME mechanism for
handling SOAP attachments.
WASP Developer can automatically generate client-side code for an existing Web service, regardless of where it is running, what
programming language it used for development, or what SOAP implementation it is running on. WASP Developer also automates the
conversion of Java to WSDL, or WSDL to Java.
WASP Developers can browse UDDI registries, select a Web service, import its WSDL file, and generate client code. WASP Developer 4.6
also publishes to a UDDI directory, greatly simplifying the discovery process. Integrated debugging supports client- and server-side
debugging - there's no need for an external debugging tool. SOAP Spy is an interactive message-tracking console that traces SOAP
messages and allows arbitrary modification of any SOAP request. WASP Developer, 4.6 is designed to make developers quickly
productive: it leverages popular and familiar IDEs, automates the creation process, and provides integrated tools for debugging and
message tracking.
Systinet's WASP suite of products is a complete solution for building, deploying, securing and managing Web services. Systinet WASP
Server for Java and WASP Server for C++ are industrial-strength Web services runtime environments that fully support industry
standards, including SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2 and WSDL 1.1. WASP UDDI is a V2 complaint registry with advanced V3 functionality. WASP UDDI
is a full-featured UDDI registry that allows businesses to standardize the way businesses organize, catalog, discover and reuse Web
services across the company.