Question: JBuilder access through voice recognition software?

2004-08-01 06:06:20 PM
I am a former JBuilder user -- former because I have carpal tunnel syndrome,
and can no longer use a keyboard very much.
I now rely on speech recognition software for most of my computer
interaction. Specifically I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which has long
been the {*word*109} product of this type. The last version of JBuilder I
purchased was version 5; for technical reasons it worked so poorly with
Dragon that it was effectively unusable.
I recently discovered the following text in Borland's "what's new"
description of JBuilder X:
JBuilder supports alternative navigation techniques for several reasons:
to allow users to maintain their most comfortable working style, whether
this includes a mouse or not, and to support adaptive strategies such as
voice recognition software, which depend on commands being
accessible from the keyboard.
(I assume that the reference to "voice recognition software" is intended to
mean "speech recognition software." Voice recognition software is intended
for access control; it identifies the speaker without necessarily making any
attempt to recognize what was said.)
This piques my interest. I wonder whether "to support... voice recognition
software" implies that Borland has actually made JBuilder work effectively
with speech recognition software, or has simply added menu access to all
commands as required by ?08 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, so that
it _would_ allow users to access all commands through voice recognition
software if it were usable with voice recognition software at all. Can
anyone tell me more?