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Columns editor bug?

2004-11-16 10:14:54 PM
I am having problems with setting the columns properties for datasets
through the jBuilder2005 GUI.
When I set properties for a column, I can read the settings in the source
code, but they do not affect the application at runtime. When I check the
settings in the GUI, they are lost. Setting them again just creates new
settings with a new columnsXX index, which do not link to the column.
I have found a manual workaround for the problem. When I set properties for
a column, jBuilder declares a columnxx. In the Init part of the code, the
column is bound to the dataset with:
dataset1.setColumns(new Column[] {columnxx});
One of the problems is, that jBuilder throws the properties further down in
the code eg.
I have found out, that if I move the dataset1.setColumns statement just
above the columns properties everything sticks. I can now wiev the
properties through the columns editor. But if I try to alter the settings,
it does not stick to the the previus settings, a new set of settings (which
does not work) is created.
What is the trick to get columns settings to stick to a column in a dataset?
Peder Skånning

Re:Columns editor bug?

Bug is fixed in Update1 of 30/11/2004