Native Executable can't find bundles...

2005-08-26 11:10:18 AM
I have quite a few jbuilder projects that I am working on. All of the
use the Native Executable wizard to help deploying the applications.
Out of all these projects, I only have one that will not run well using
the Native executable. I use lots of properties files to store strings.
When I run that particular project from jbuilder, everything is fine.
When I run it from the native executable, I get the
ResourceMissingException and it tells me it "can't find the bundle" on
each call that tries to load the properties files in a ResourceBundle
What is odd is that the project is setup like all my others that work.
It is set up to copy to the jar all of the .properties, image, and XML
What is even stranger is that this project used to work just fine using
the native executable. It used to be able to find all the properties
files. What is even weirder is that the native executable executable
jar that jbuilder produces along with all the executables does contain
the .properties files it says are missing.
I have had this problem in the past when my project and native
executable targets were not setup correctly (not including all
dependencies, or not copying all the desired files). However, I have
fixed all of that. It's almost as if the project was corrupted.
Anyone has any ideas?
Hugues La Ricca