A BUG in JBuilder 2005 Enterprise Edition's built-in Websphere 5.x support!!!

2004-11-14 10:46:59 AM
There seems to be a bug in the behavior of JBuilder 2005's Websphere 5.x
built-in support
A. I add an Entity Bean (using the "EJB Designer"),
B. I set the Websphere 5.x properties (e.g., consisting of "VM Parameters",
"Database schema name", "Database vendor type", etc)
C. I add a supporting session bean and add a method that calls the
findByPrimaryKey method in the previously created entity bean.
D. I check the Websphere 5.x properties, the one (or several) of the
properties have been reset to different values (e.g., ORACLE_V9I changes to
DB2UDB_V72, etc)
A. I add a session bean to accompany a previously generated entity bean (in
"EJB Designer")
B. The generated classes appear in the "src" folder
C. Afterward, I find the session bean is not registered in the ejbjar.xml..
D. And/or, often, particularly after adding methods manually to the session
bean, the session bean "icon" disappears from the EJB Designer window
---in anycase, although the classes exist in the source folder, the deploy
code is not generated for Websphere, and often the session bean is not
registered in the ejbjar.xml
Is this "behavior" correct for the Jbuilder 2005 IDE??? I'm thinking its a
bug since there doesn't appear to be any "rhyme or reason" to these
Has anyone else noticed these problems?
Appreciate any feedback to aid my understanding of what is going on here.
- Windows XP- jbuilder 2005 enterprise edition
- Oracle9i database (classes12_g.jar)
- build entity bean using "Emp" table in Oracle db sample schema: "SCOTT"