Re: Performance Rant!!

2003-10-13 11:24:03 PM
I have found that (particularly with versions after 7) I up the memory
allowed for JBuilder. Exit JBuilder. Go the bin directory where you
installed it, and open the jbuilder.config file. Look for these lines:
vmparam -Xms32m
vmparam -Xmx256m
I just pulled that out of my JBuilder 9 file (I think by default it sets
the max to 128).
Also, I haven't used less than a 1 Ghz processor for a while, and I make
sure I have at least 512MB of ram in the box (current one has 1Gb). This
setup makes it workable, although I do notice slight delays from time to
There are also garbage collection tweaks you can do to hotspot that
change the algorithm by which it garbage collects. You can modify these
by going to the jdk.config file. Here is the default:
# Use the embedded JDK provided with JBuilder and
# override the default heap growth / shrinkage rates
javapath ../jdk1.4/jre/bin/client/jvm.dll
vmparam -Xminf0.2
vmparam -Xmaxf0.2
There are lots of other options that can help you tune the VM for
performance, located here: (
Finally, you can try modifying jdk.config to point to a faster version
of the JDK (like 1.4.2), although this isn't sanctioned or supported.
Tad Frysinger
Linus wrote:
Let me start off by saying that I've always really liked Borland products (I
never like Symantec) -- but is it just me or does anyone else running
JBuilder with BAS4.5 wish they could go out and buy a 50GHz machine just so
JBuilder runs as fast as any typical native Windows app of today ?

For cryin' out loud, why build the GUI in Java, write the damn thing in C++
and Assembler instead, and I guarantee that no one will ever buy a
competitors's Java IDE, at least not for the foreseeable future. Showcase
java at what it's good at, EJB, network apps, etc, but don't build GUI's
like this in Java any more!!

Assuming, the aforementioned suggestion is ignored, is there any way to make
speed up JBuilder - maybe make it a little more responsive? I like the
product big time, but I think Swing could stand an optimization or's sickening to be able to see every little screen repaint in clear
detail (or having to wait 4 seconds after a mouse click for something to
happen) while right next to it, similar IDE's systems like Visual C++ are
just smokin' along-side it