JBuilderX: Renaming components in UI Designer does not propagate to all references in the file

2003-12-15 08:33:01 AM
I've been trying out the UI Designer in JBuilderX Enterprise Edition. It
appears that when I rename a component within the designer that the
change doesn't propagate throughout the source file. It only changes the
initial variable declaration. It doesn't even change the name of the
component in the jbInit method. This used to work fine in other versions
of JBuilder. This problem appears to be a regression in the UI Designer.
BTW, has there been work on the UI Designer in JBuilder over the last
few years? For instance, I was hoping that the superb reverse
engineering capability of Together's UI designer would make it's way
into JBuilder. But it appears that the current version still has many of
the same parser problems that older versions did.