showDocument and existing browser window

2004-10-14 12:06:49 PM
Hi all,
I'm using an applet that is supposed to open some Web-based content.
If the user clicks the button in the applet and if the target page is
not already open, I'd like to open it in a new browser window. If it
is open, I want to just do nothing instead of opening a second copy.
I used "showDocument(url, name)", thinking it would do what I wanted.
And it does, sort of. What I'm seeing (WinXP, IE6) is that if I open
the page from the applet, it opens fine in a new window (hooray!).
And if I try a second time, I don't get a second copy (hooray!) But,
if the page is already open before I open my applet, clicking the
button in the applet opens a second copy (boo!) For the "name" param
of showDocument, I'm using the name that I assigned to the page via
"meta" in the "head" portion of the html.
It seems like showDocument is only doing what I want if the page was
opened by the applet in the first place. I've diffed the page source
and the only difference was in timestamps (the page is dynamically
generated). Huh?
If anyone wants to actually give this a try, the site is You have to register (free) to launch the
applet. The page in question is reached from the applet by clicking
"Chess" then "Settings and Forums". The applet floats around in an
undecorated popup browser window so you may have to tell your popup
blocker to let the thing appear. (Yeah, I know.)
Thanks for any suggestions!
Bill D. Pirkle