Re: JBuilder2005 Issue

2005-02-04 03:34:31 PM
CaptnTony escribi?
Update 3 helped solved that issue for me. Not once has the designer
misbehaved in that fashion again. I use XP though, so I'm not sure if
there's an issue between OSes.

I have resolved the question. The problem was:
1- I have a JPanel (we call this jPanel1) with jtextfields, jlabels and
another JPanel (jPanel2)
In JPanel2 whe have JLabels, JTextfields, and 1 button. The icon of the
button was loaded from a file with "new
Of course, in design time the icons do not appear because the class with
properties is loaded on execution time.
In JBuilderX the panel 2 showed in grey and empty. That i think is
normal, but in JBuilder 2005, if after this statement i have a statement
of a JTextField (like setMinimumSize(20,20)), then in jpanel1 all the
jLabels is showed whith no text, no size and no font.
I have change the images and now is loaded like a resource and all works