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How do I add an image to a project?

2004-04-02 09:48:21 AM
Which is the way to add an image to a package. I am doing it manually (from
the outside of JBuilder) but I think it has to exist and easier method.
Also, images added manually does not appear immediately in the Project pane
but one needs to close and reopen JBuilder.
A question is: is it a good practice to put the resources used by classes in
a given package into the same package? Or should I create a folder where to
put all resources?

Re:How do I add an image to a project?

Depends on what your doing. Most of the time you put project wide images in
a directory called "images" under the package for the application.
For Beans components you should put the images with the bean or an "images"
Earlier versions of JBuilder needed the images for the Component Pallete,
for your own Beans, to be in the same dir as the Bean, or the Component
Pallete would lose them.
How you setup your directories is up to you but the images need to be in the
project to get the compiler to copy them to the output dir.
You can add images to JBuilder just like any other file. You should not have
to restart JBuilder. If you are having this problem you should re-install
JBuilder. Bugs like this creep into JBuilder after a while. I've always
been troubled by that. Adding your own libraries to JBuilder has always
been problematic. Re-installing usually fixes it.