JComboBox editable is Unuseable

2003-11-17 01:52:16 PM
The event model for the editable JCombobox is so screwed up that it is
I got suspicious when the sun tutorial said "If you want to, you can
easily write code to add an item" - weasel words, they are obviously
so ashamed of the abject failure of the editable JComboBox that they
dont even try to give an example.
[btw when will people stop using the phrase "if you want to" - its
I tried this: wrote an editable JComboBox example... I found that
there is NO WAY of knowing what entry you have edited, the index is
returned as -1.
There are a lot more problems......DO NOT TRY to use it, the
non-editable is OK, event model merely somewhat confused, cf total
SNAFU of the editable...
some days I get so nostalgic for cpp...