synchronization in replication of mysql5.1.15

2007-04-26 03:31:41 PM
Hi all,
I setup the replication process in mysql5.1.15.
It is the master-master circular replication configuration with two
Replication is working means,it i add any records it is reflected to
other side(in both the cases).
But,my problem is syncronization of database is not working.
I am using.
auto_increment_increment = 2
auto_increment_offset = 1
for one system and
auto_increment_increment = 2
auto_increment_offset = 2
for other system.
but when it is creating primary key it is not created according to the
auto_increment_increment increments only one value.So,it is obivious that it is giving
"Duplication Record"
error when reading the log file.
I am using the innodb tables.Is there any problem of setting the
auto_increment_increment variable in case of innodb tables.
I am waiting for your immidiate reply.