XmtNodes: creating a structure tree node not in the model -- e.g., the "EJB Local References" node

2004-04-03 01:55:32 AM
The model I'm working with has a rather flat
structure which would benefit from collecting
similar nodes into what I might call a "synthetic"
structure tree node. As an example of this,
the "EJB Local References" node in a SessionBean's
node doesn't refer to an element named something
like <ejb-local-references>, but collects all
the <ejb-local-ref>elements of the <session>
bean element.
To be specific, from the ejb-jar, we
<ejb-local-ref>... </ejb-local-ref>
<ejb-local-ref>... </ejb-local-ref>
<ejb-local-ref>... </ejb-local-ref>
<ejb-local-ref>... </ejb-local-ref>
and the Structure Pane's tree looks like this
- Cart
EJB References
+ EJB Local References
and when expanded
- Cart
EJB References
- EJB Local References
Nodes "EJB References" and "EJB Local References"
do not correspond to nodes in the model and are
"synthetic" or "structural" for display categorization
purposes only.
So, the question is: how does one create such
"synthetic" or "structural" nodes? Is there a
part of the API that someone can point to which
would set me on my way?
Paul Furbacher (TeamB)
Save time, search the archives:
Is it in Joi Ellis's Faq-O-Matic?
Finally, please send responses to the newsgroup only.
That means, do not send email directly to me.
Thank you.