ANN: TestComplete 3.03 available

2003-12-30 12:59:03 AM
AutomatedQA Corporation ( announces the availability
of version 3.03 of TestComplete; a maintenance release of our award-winning
automated testing solution. TestComplete offers comprehensive automation
of functional, unit, regression and distributed testing as well as
HTTP performance testing.
Version 3.03 of TestComplete introduces several enhancements and is a
free update for existing customers. For more information, see the
TestComplete web page at
Features and enhancements new to version 3.03:
- TestComplete's HTTP performance testing module can now record and
playback traffic of SSL connections.
- Enhancements to various scripting objects, including the Win32Toolbar
and Win32TreeView objects.
- Web page testing has been improved by the introduction of the
OnWebPageDownloaded event and the Page object's new Wait method.
TestComplete Features and Benefits
- Functional testing - full automation of GUI testing with support for
data-driven and object-driven testing.
- Unit testing - integration with existing unit testing code and ability
to visually select unit tests for integration.
- Regression testing - many productivity tools enabling the easy storage
of images, files and objects for baseline comparisons.
- Distributed testing - support for automation of synchronized multi-tier
testing from multiple clients.
- HTTP performance testing - automation of load, stress and scalability
testing of web servers.
- COM-based, extensible plug-in architecture.
- Many, many other tools and features.
Download our 30-day trial version from
For more information on TestComplete,
To order, or to obtain download information for the update,
contact XXXX@XXXXX.COM .