Re: jbuilder9 "disppears" my WEB-INF/classes/*.properties files ---

2003-11-13 04:25:39 AM
Hi Paul
I humbly take you point on reading the docs. I am guilty of looking for a "quickstart", often.
So, maybe answer for me is in the JB9 docs somewhere.
Nonetheless, I could not get things to work by doing what was suggested earlier - i.e., unchecking the "Synchronize output dir" and/or modifying the webappnode]/properties/dependencies, etc.
For whatever reason I never encountered this amount of trouble with JB8.
JB8 allowed me create a "<project>.library" (in the "Required Libraries") using the contents of the project's pre-existing "WEB-INF/lib", and this worked every time (partly because JB8 did not see fit to "clean" out the original "WEB-INF/lib" as ooon as the first "rebuild" was invoked).
Fwiw - I don't agree that JB9 should presume to rid me of my WEB-INF/lib - especially, whenever I am attempting to generate a "new project from *existing* code" - which usually already works fine. --I often have to fit an existing app into JBuilder before I begin modifications.... Automatically removing a "WEB-INF/lib" that already works "as is" seems self-defeating.
I'd really prefer there to be an option to prevent this [unfortunately, unchecking the "Synchronize output dir" does not appear to work, though I tried it many times now]).
So, in the mean time - when generating a new project for existing code - the simple workaround for me is to copy the "lib" directory from my "WEB-INF" to the project root first(since this is apparently where JB9 expects to see it anyway). --Then, when I choose to generate a new project from existing code, JB9 will automatically create my <project>.library as usual, but, the location of the referenced jar files, therein, will *still* be there - even after I "rebuild"
In any case, thanks for you help Paul! I continue to appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions. I'll try it all.
Paul Furbacher < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
jweathers wrote:

>well, one way to successfully use the "project from existing code"
>wizard is to copy the existing "WEB-INF/lib" to the project root
>before hand.

Absolutely unnecessary! I'd suggest a _thorough_
reading of the on-line Help for building Web apps.
These issues _are_ covered, believe it or not.

For libraries which you want to have deployed
to the WEB-INF/lib folder, you first add them to
your "Required Libraries" list in the Project
Properties dialog.

Then, by right-clicking on the Web app node
in the Project Pane, open the "Properties"
dialog. Go to the "Dependencies" tab.
You will see that the libraries which you
specified are listed here. Typically,
all of them except the "Servlet" library
are listed as "Include all". Use this
panel to modify what is included.

It's really as simple as that ... and
could have been discovered via a reading
of the on-line docs. I don't know how
to stress this except to say, I've been
using JBuilder since about version 0.8,
and I am _still_ reading portions of the
docs, especially because each new version
adds so many new features.


Paul Furbacher (TeamB)

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