Add video to your website

2005-03-18 11:55:28 PM
If you've been thinking about adding audio or video to your web site, you should definitely check out what Corey Rudl has recently done to HIS web site...
Since I e-mailed you about Corey Rudl last week, I've received a number of e-mails from people asking me how Corey has made it look like there are two "talking heads" at the top of his web page.
Well, if you want to know all the technical stuff, the best people to ask are probably Corey's staff at: XXXX@XXXXX.COM . They're great people, and they did a great job of explaining it to me.
But if you want to know the "strategy" behind the sales process, here's what I recommend:
(a) First, make sure you examine Corey's web site closely -- especially all of the audio and video he uses on this page... (Definitely watch the video "testimonials" he uses. Imagine how much credibility you could add to YOUR web site -- and how many more SALES you'd be closing -- if you were using something like this!)
(b) Second, make sure you check out Corey's "Insider Secrets" course, which he offers on this same page, because he explains it all there... Plus, Corey's course includes all the other strategies he's used to generate over $40,000,000 in Internet sales and attract over 1.8 million visitors to his web sites every month...
If you haven't checked out the "talking heads" video that Corey's using on his web site yet, go to:
.. And if you have any more questions about Corey's video... well... ask him!!! ;-)
Because I don't care who you are or what your background is!
I've seen Corey teach complete "newbies" with no budget how to make $100,000 to $500,000 per year, working just a few hours per week on their web sites...
And I've seen him teach experienced business people how to snowball their existing Internet income into literally MILLIONS of dollars!
And if you are thinking about starting or growing an Internet business this year, MAKE SURE you're familiar with Corey's best-selling Internet marketing course!
Hope you enjoy it!
kevin clarke
P.S.: By the way, if you scroll down Corey's web page (WAY down!) you'll see that he's giving away over $85 worth of FREE web site traffic with his course... along with $872 worth of other FREE tools, software, and resources for your business.
Again, it's at
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