Can you Advertise for Free?

2006-09-19 07:13:57 PM
Yes, of course you can. AND, you can have millions of targeted visitors within weeks. A little know how goes a long way. It really comes down to, showing other marketers the secret to traffic, and let them help themselves and at the same time, help you.
A little adjustment in your conventional ways of marketing online, and the right software, you can explode your targeted traffic in a few hours. And targeted traffic = more sales.
Contact me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM , with your JV idea, a way for me to contact you, and best time, with the Subject: Advertise for FREE. I will then show you a new secret that has made several people Millions in a few months. It has double exploded my lists and sales are going thru the roof.
Craig Fields
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