Re: So, what to use if Kylix is dead? TrollTech

2003-11-08 08:46:03 AM
I was considering either purchasing Kylix or Trolltech's QT product. I asked Borland a simple question with a presele email asking about when Kylix would be upgraded to support the latest Linux operating systems on the market. I wanted to be sure if I purchase this product that I can develop on "current" versions of operating systems - not 2 to 3 iterations ago.
I was told that Borland does not disclose this information --- if Borland can't answer a simple presale question on when their product that I am considering purchasing will work with current operating systems...then I need to go elsewhere. I've guessed I've pretty much decided on
I guess I could make the snide comment that Microsoft's investment in Borland is finally paying off....but I won't go there!