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2003-11-07 12:19:57 AM
I posted this in the Lazarus 'SandBox' page while trying it out, but I
went on a rant and thought it might strike a chord here too.
I've been developing in Delphi for what.. 7 years now. I want to port
some of my apps to Linux... but
I'm searching for an alternative development environment to Kylix.
Since Kylix was dumped by Borland. The comments of Borland's CTO that
"if we want Borland to listen, we have to buy product", seems backward
to me. I didn't buy Delphi 1,2,3,5,6 because I wanted Borland to
'listen' to me. I bought it for what it could do FOR me.
In fact, NOT buying Dephi 4 was a 'vote' against D4 because it was so
buggy. I even went to a couple of Borland converences, the last one I
went to a 'meet the Delphi development team' side meeting (D5 had been
released already) I told the Delphi development team not to release
product until it had been tested properly (ie:D4). I got a standing
ovation from 1000 Delphi programmers in attendance.
If my butcher said "here, buy this bad meat, and if you buy enough of
this bad meat, maybe I'll listen to you and start selling good meat".
I would not buy anything from him.
Here is my perscription for taking over the world:
Step 1 IBM, currently investing 1 billion in Linux, selling Linux on
IBM servers, decides they want to re-take the desktop world.
Step 2 IBM makes a linux based desktop PC. The linux included with
the PC has been tested regoursly to run on the IBM PC. It has been
proven reliable, by IBM and carries the trusted IBM logo on it. The
desktop comes complete with a Linux based office suite. All the
specific distro/version Linux OS libs, components, widgets, whatever
('work') very well on the specific hardware contained in the IBM PC
(Actually it should have a name that separates it from other IBM PC
models... like 'IBM PC-Lx' or some such) I must stress this over and
over. The Linux that comes with the IBM PC-Lx is intended to be
patched only. The IBM PC-Lx is not intended to have other operating
systems loaded onto it. It comes with a Linux version, and that
version is patched, forever more, by IBM approved patches. (IBM
doesn't necessarily have to make the patches, it can just 'approve'
tested patches made by others).
Step 3 During the time that IBM is making this PC and preparing it
for launch, Borland is secretly working on a Kylix for PC-Lx, that is
intended to work, reliabley, and with no distribution headaches, on
the IBM PC-Lx ('ONLY'). It is not intended to run on all Linux
distros, on all hardware. The Kylix for IBM PC-Lx is targeted
specifically at the IBM PC-Lx. The cost of Kylix for PC-Lx is priced
at a low $US 250.
Step 4 The whole "system", including the IBM PC-Lx with its specific
IBM Linux OS *and* the desired number of copies of Borland's Kylix for
PC-Lx is marketed and sold as a complete package to corporations
wanting to escape from the evil empire. A typical big company would
buy 400 PCs complete with office suite and os licenses, *plus* 20
Borland Kylix for PC-Lx licenses. All at once.
IBM wins: They sell PC-Lx's by the millions to all sizes of companies.
(the small and mid-size companies follow the big companies)
Borland wins: They sell Kylix for PC-Lx by the hundreds of thousands.
Development of Kylix PC-Lx is easier because of it's standardized
target OS, and a ready customer base.
The customer wins: They get an affordable development environment, a
standardized, ready customer base, without distribution problems.
Once corporations are happy after about 6 months of owning these
reliable low cost PCs, and all the development for them is done using
Borland tools (C++ for IBM PC-Lx and Kylix for IBM PC-Lx), there will
develop a 'phsycological dependance' upon both IBM and Borland, the
way we have a dependance now on MS. This means lot's of repeat
business for IBM and Borland.


"K-man" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
I posted this in the Lazarus 'SandBox' page while trying it out, but I
went on a rant and thought it might strike a chord here too.
Please put down that Sci-Fi book your reading and get to work....


He did not say Kylix was dead, only that they had no plans for 2004 and just
waiting to see. He did say that people were still buying Kylix; so at least
that was positive.