CrossKylix 0.9.1 released - minor update

2004-10-08 04:55:59 AM
I've just released CrossKylix 0.9.1.
This update fixes two issues with the new 0.9 branch:
- A bug in ekemu.pas made CrossKylix fail when installed in
a directory with a space in it. Thanks to Alan for finding this bug.
- When compiling from inside the Delphi IDE, the Linux emulation
process wasn't freed, eating up windows memory resources. Thanks
to Ghislain for the notification.
Version 0.9.1 can be downloaded here:
In case you just installed 0.9.0 yesterday, there is no need to do the
full installation again. Instead, just get and unzip this WITH
PATH NAMES to your CrossKylix installation directory. Then recompile
the CrossKylix IDE plugin package CrossKylix.dpk, and you are done.
(This update only works if your previously have installed 0.9.0, it
does NOT work with older CrossKylix releases).
Thanks for all the feedback I got for 0.9.0 - it looks like people
really like the rewrite :)