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2007-03-05 12:11:09 PM
Dear Internet Marketer,
The Veretekk online lead generation and automated marketing system is the world's premier standard for effective, ethical online marketing. Leadsomatic actually represents a component of Veretekk previously known as The Hammer that became so popular over the years that it was eventually removed from the core system and established as its very own service. This creates 2 big advantages:
1) The Leadsomatic submission database can be grown much larger than the old Hammer. The database will continue to grow to 3 billion..? 5 billion..? 10 billion websites? Who knows what the limit will be?!?
2) As a standalone system, members can benefit financially through the Leadsomatic affiliate program! And lucrative it is! Make sure you check out the business opportunity.
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However, as you become more and more serious about online marketing you will come to understand the importance of having all the right tools. Leadsomatic offers one of these tools - which can be very effective in assisting your marketing efforts. But if you're looking for a complete turn key marketing system, you need Veretekk.
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