Kylix Open Edition under Fedora Core 1

2004-04-12 08:30:49 PM
I keep experiencing problems with Kylix OE v3 build 4.186 under Fedora
Core 1. I've managed to resolve most problems, but since installing the
libcompat* libraries to get the shockwave plugin working Kylix keeps
dying with the message "Project XX received signal SIGSEGV(11)" whenever
I try to run programs within the IDE.
I am a contributor to the website and our aim is to
encourage The Open University to move away from Windows specific
coursework and to introduce a more open platform - Kylix formed my
thurst to enable students studying the C++ course MT262 to move from
Borland Builder under Windows to a Linux system. As a result, I am very
keen to resolve these problems.
At the moment I'm running Fedora Core release 1 with kernel
2.4.22-1.2174 with all updates installed and gcc version 3.3.2.
Here's a brief summary of what I've had to do so far...
After a fresh install of FC1, Kylix OE (complete with k3_open_update_2)
refused to compile, so I had to install the unofficial updates k3fix.tgz
and k3patches.tgz from
On startup I then received the following error message...
$ startbcb
/usr/local/kylix3/bin/bcblin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file
or directory
I then implemented the following workaround:
cd /usr/lib
ln -sf
Kylix then started normally, but I had to change the editor font...
then it failed to run any programs within the IDE but this was resolved
with the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 fix, which I then placed within a
modified copy of /usr/local/kylix3/bin/kylixpath.
Kylix then worked perfectly and I was able to port the course library
over to Linux and began to encourage students to use the Kylix platform
However, I then installed the libcompat* libraries and now Kylix just
won't run programs within the IDE. I noticed that now points to
and tried changing it back to (As per the above fix)
but the same SIGSEGV(11) problem remains... I've also tried changing
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL to 2.4.1, without any success... :-(
I installed Kylix while root in /usr/local/kylix3... However, these
problems remain even if I run Kylix as root... I like Kylix, but why is
it so damned awkward to get running under FC? It ran perfectly under
Mandrake... :-/
My section on using Kylix under FC1 can be found at
Help! I desperately would like to get it working again!
Many thanks,