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2006-05-09 01:08:02 AM
On 2006-05-08, Cristian Nicola < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
It is not linear and it is just comparing apples with oranges
a hello world application may be 40 times the memory footprint but as you
add complexity the 40 times does not keep up.
No, but that was what I said in the initial msg already. The standard
guestimate is times 2 + startup (VM/JIT) overhead.

Re:Re: porting a D7 app to Linix - Kylix

C (gcc) is 13.6 times faster than FreePascal in the
Mandelbrot test (if I read the table correclty).
So most likely the Pascal implementation of this test is far from optimal..
"Michael Schnell" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
>Acctually here is the Debian Benchmark comparing Free Pascal to C#:

"Mandelbrot" is two times faster in C# ?!?!?!?!?

So it seems to depend greatly on the task to be done.


Re:Re: porting a D7 app to Linix - Kylix

On 2006-04-18, Matthias Frey < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
>Matthias Frey wrote:
>(1) Do you need a GUI ?

Yes, i thought (nearly all) large application for single enduser
have a gui.
Server apps ? Webservers ? Some apps do have a GUI, but a very simple
minimalistic one.
>(2) Do you want to run the Linux - application _only_ on x86 CPUs ?

I don't know. I think nearly all platforms used
bei enduser with large application have a x86 CPU?
After Windows x86, it is either Apple (still mostly PPC, though that will
change in the future) or WinCE on ARM.
thx. Seems niot a good way for a least next ten years
There is nothing guaranteed.
>unnecessarily) uses. Moreover those assemblies are rumored to be slow,
>as Delphi does not work according to the .NET performance guidelines.

Are rumored to be slow? Will be a chance in the next years to
improve this? However - PCs getting faster
But OSes and APIs get heavier too. However indeed I would worry less. I
would worry more about the resulting versioning mess.
>Another option cloud be Chrome (a commercial product, supposedly much
>cheaper than Delphi but, AFAIK, you need Microsoft's Visual Studio to
>use the IDE, while the command line compiler is free). Chrome claims to
>create "real" .NET assemblies that run in the .NET framework on Windows
>and on the Mono framework on Linux (on several supported platforms like
>standard x86 PC, X86/64, ...), MAX OS/X, IBM big iron, and others. I
>suppose you need to do some work to port your code to Chrome and the
>.NET API wrapper that makes the VCL/RTL in chrome.

to do some work to port your code - how much is "some"?
Afaik it is almost a rewrite, except for trivial apps. Even your
stringshandling has to be rewritten.