It's a damn shame.

2003-12-09 11:08:50 AM
I have been trying every non-C++ Linux IDE that I can find to download for
a couple of months in an attempt to replace what appears to be the soon
dead Kylix.
Unfortunately, none of them come close. With all its problems,
Kylix/Delphi is easy to load - once you make a few minor environment
changes to your OS - and, once the unofficial patches are on, works very
well(Talking about the Pascal version). And it makes code that is very
solid also. (Deployment is another issue, but in the current Linux
environment, just sending over a "Hello World" perl script is likely to
require the recipient to install 14 new libs.)
None of the "replacement" IDE's so far have been anything that I would
invest time in.
Some are beyond my capability to install - some of the commercial versions
are apparently beyond the ability of their staff to install since they
could never get it to work on my machines.
Some break on install and take hours to trace down the problem library and
all the other libs that have to be updated - or post a missing
gizwhiz.3.4.21-lib_so that cannot be found by me, google, or Omar the rain
Some break on compile with no logs and the familiar Windows error message
- "You are screwed ... OK"
Komodo was one of the best that I tried and I think that I could like it,
but when it decides to stumble, it is all root can do to rescue the
machine from the reset button.
Jeez, I hope Borland has a change of heart.