rough fonts in kylix-programs

2006-04-21 08:15:31 PM
Hi all,
i have to write a program in Kylix (bcb) with some large texts on its form.
I want to make this with labels, per example with fontsize 80. At my
development-system it looks ok (not good, but ok). But at the target system
it looks horrible. The Font is very, very rough, it looks like it has a
resolution of 3 dpi. Font->PixelsperInch=<xxx>at the label doesnt seems to
change anything. Where can i do something to get smoother text at the
target system?
Some specs from the target:
DamnSmallLinux 1.5.x
XFree 4.3.0
fluxbox 0.9
Resolution 800x600 at 75 dpi
Thanks, Jens
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