Protect your Affiliate links with the click of a mouse!

2006-04-16 06:02:33 AM
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Watch your commissions skyrocket by protecting your
affiliate links with the click of a mouse!
Fully hosted, no need to install hard to use scripts or mess with server settings.
You can be protecting your sales commissions in less than five minutes
The only secure service offering TWO LEVELS of PROTECTION:
Completely web-based, no software or website necessary
URL security is the make-or-break hinge of your affiliate marketing promotions. Would you go out to dinner without locking the front door of your house?
Don't leave your affiliate advertising vulnerable to hackers!
LinkShield offers the ONLY premium cloaking service that is available to EVERYONE promoting affiliate links - we don't require you to own a website! We don't require you to edit source code! Simply type in your affiliate link, and we'll do all the protection for you! And the best bit? It actually WORKS!Stop losing money now!
You signup and receive your affiliate link to advertise a product.
You've just paid for advertising with nothing to show for it!
This is where LinkShield's cutting edge technology will guarantee your affiliate tracking code stays intact!
Level One Protection: Secured Link
Secure your affiliate link, making it impossible for a customer to remove or modify your tracking code - unlike other cloaking systems, this is completely search engine safe!
Level Two Protection: Cloaked Link and Page Source Encoding
Cloak the whole affiliate link, hiding the link permanently from the customer.
You could be losing hundreds of dollar a day without LinkShield!
Give This A Go You Will Be Amazed
Copy This Link InTo Browser - You Have Nothing To Lose
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