Deploy without isapi. cgi, apache, etc.

2005-04-01 03:01:21 AM
Hello, everyone.
I have developed some delphi units that when dropped into any application
with any web server component allow you to deploy your web broker or
ExpressWeb Framework apps in one executable without needing to create
objects, dlls or web server interfaces.
This makes it much easier and faster to build web server applications.
Debugging is the same for any app, no need to attach to libraries, build
special datastructures to support web server APIs and such. One executable,
The units I wrote support the DXSock DXHTTPServer component.
If you want, you can email me and I will provide the source for you and you
can port it to Indy or ICS.
Essentially, you create a new application (console or Form), drop a
DXHTTPServerCore component onto your form, include DXSockApp in your
project, hook your server events and you are done.
I have this running equally well in both Linux and Windows... in fact with
CrossKylix I can build a binary for either one from my Delphi windows IDE.
Ozz over at BPDX is currently planning to include these pascal units in his
next release of DXSock: see for more details.
If you would like a copy of the code, I will send it to you (free of
course). Simply email me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM . Only thing I ask is
that, if you make any enhancements or find any bugs, please drop me a line
to let me know.
Best regards,
Layton Smith-Perrin