ANN: Group-E groupware beta

2003-11-06 07:06:10 AM
Powder Software is pleased to announce the first beta of the Group-E
collaboration server.
Group-E is a new Oracle-based, cross platform groupware application. It
provides email, calendaring, contact management and bulletin board
functionality using secure and scalable technologies. The server portion can
run on any operating system supported by Oracle, and the client portion runs
on either Windows or Linux. A Web client is currently in the early alpha
This beta is targeted towards experienced Oracle administrators and/or
experienced Linux administrators. Group-E has been designed as an Oracle
database client and requires an Oracle database to store and manage all
information. Group-E also relies on one of the freely available Linux-based
mail servers (Postfix, Exim, Qmail or Sendmail). Installation instructions
are provided for Postfix in this beta.
More information about Group-E can be found at
Screenshots of Group-E can be seen at
The Group-E beta can be downloaded from
Brian Haas
Powder Software