To those of You loving Debian and Kylix ...

2004-01-20 12:51:14 AM
Since we
- love Debian and Kylix
- hope kylix will survive
We managed to DRAMATICALLY semplify and standardize
kylix-applications deployment on Debian systems.
(Debian, Knoppix, Morphix, Libranet, ...).
Since this work resulted very useful for us, and
some of you may find it useful as well, we
decided to open it (AS IS, of course !)...
Take a look at:
you will find instructions and an apt repository
containing the kylix runtimes packaged as debian
.deb archives.
Add the repository to the /etc/apt/sources.list
of the target machines, follow the other few
instructions and get your Kylix executables
running immediately...
Feel free to send comments, suggestions, injuries