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Kylix and TIniFile

2005-08-31 03:37:40 AM
I'm using Kylix 3 and have a problem with the
TIniFile class. I just have to read a config
file I wrote for my app, while allowing only
the root user to change it.
Under Kylix, TIniFile.Destroy calls systematically
TMemIniFile.UpdateFile even if the file has not
been modified. As a result, even if I just want
to *read* my file, it is rewritten and in
my case an exception is raised (only root is able
to modify the file)
Is there a mean to avoid this behaviour ??
Best regards,

Re:Kylix and TIniFile

Adrien Reboisson wrote:
Is there a mean to avoid this behaviour ??
Yes, use TMemIniFile instead of TIniFile.
Dave Nottage [TeamB]