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Binding kylix (pascal) .so to other languages

2006-06-01 05:07:07 AM
i've got an .so library which was written in Pascal and the corresponding
Pascal header file.
Now i want to use this from another language, preferrable C (i.e. write
a language binding for C)
Whats the best way to do this?
The background:
It's a communication library for a PLC device, and the only way to
interact with this PLC from within Linux right now is to use
Kylix applications.
But as Kylix is a little bit dead, i would like to use the existing
library with another language, like Ruby or something like that. I guess
the most useful way to do would be the possibility to use it with C and
then write (or let generate) a binding for higher level languages.
Thanks and greets,

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