Trolltech, Borland and QT partnership

2003-10-14 01:46:41 AM
Is there any way to get rid of the Kylix QT library dependency? Relying on
it is like giving your app a free ball and chain with the purchase price.
Here is some interesting information someone on slashdot pointed out
regarding Borland and Trolltech's (owner of QT) relationship...
Trolltech's shares are currently owned by employees, the Trolltech
Foundation and investors, with the following distribution:
Employees 64.7%
Borland 8.3%
Trolltech Foundation 5.2%
Orkla ASA 4.3%
Northzone Ventures 4.3%
Teknoinvest 4.3%
Canopy Group 4.1%
Previous employees 3.4%
SCO Group 1.6%