Assertion failed

2005-07-14 05:03:49 PM
I try to compile a huge c++ library with auto generatd code using the
bc++ compier. Unfortunately I need the bc++ compiler because the
library should linked into a kylix project later.
I get this error:
Assertion failed : debugTypNext < debugTypBuff +
sizeof(debugTypBuff) at ../../../indep/owrite4.c(708)
The file is my file to compile.
The file owrite4.c is not on my system but a string in the bc++ binary.
The bc++ documentation says that this is an internal compiler error. It
really true?
The g++ buid the project well even if I set the -Wall -pedantic
Alternative I would like to know if there is a way to link a g++ lib
(without c wrapper) to a kylix project.
Thanks and kind regards