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Re: Bright Future for Kylix - Seems Dead

2003-07-08 10:07:41 PM
Curious - what was our alternate route?
I will be needing to some things on Linux soon too.
"Rafel Coyle" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
I am not looking for support here. My comment was really about
developing an application using supported tools. When you are about to
commit 300k for development of a new application you want to make sure
that the vendor has committed to the future of the product. While it is
true Borland has not stated anywhere that there would not be another
kylix release, most people believe that sales have not been as expected.
The lack of commitment on kylix has led many people to look for an
alternative development environment for Linux. We know that Delphi
(Windows), and I know that this is not the Delphi NG, will be supported
for future releases. The next version is slated for 4th quarter this
year. For this up coming project we decided to take an alternate route
because Kylix is not even supported on RH8 and we are not going to fight
with unsupported fixes, etc.

Phoenix wrote:
>Rafel Coyle wrote:
>>Maybe Kylix will release another version I couldn't depend on the
>>product support looking at all of the posts in this NG.
>this newsgroup is a peer newsgroup. Borland does not offer product
>support here.


Re:Re: Bright Future for Kylix - Seems Dead

"Dave Nottage (TeamB)" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
As far as TeamB is concerned, the common answer is "we don't know".
me, I'd like to know too <g>
Count me in <G>
Alessandro Federici
RemObjects Software, Inc.

Re:Re: Bright Future for Kylix - Seems Dead

AFAIK, RemObjects does have a Kylix version.
What about same ?