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SiegfriedN wrote:
The other unmentioned price tag is getting passed IT departments that
have no interest in cutting their potential job space. We have been
supplying systems that considerably undercut Oracle, IBM and M$ systems
and require no continual IT/DB management, but many potential customers
go for the 'pay per user' option even though we have a small number of
very happy users who show just how well the system works. Apache2, PHP5
and Firebird accessed by any browser, so no need for ANY re-training at
the client end - in fact the users train themselves. The only way we
have got in is because the system will run on Windows servers as well,
but the jemmy is in opening Linux at least as a server.
Linux deployment with a simple browser would be a doddle, but again the
{*word*99} 'Terminal Services' approach seems to be 'more cost effective'
despite the fact that it simple does not work in service environments (
WHERE is user xxx ;) ) - At least now people are starting to see the
bottleneck with that approach and hopefully the 'client' machines will
start to be converted to Linux to get round ALL the limitations :)
Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services