Installation and deployment main problem holding back Kylix

2004-10-26 04:32:49 AM
I own Kilix professional version 3 and have been with Kylix since
version 1.
The main place where I see Kylix as having failed is in the deployment
of apps on a computer other than that of a Kylix owner.
As most of you know Deployment of Kylix Apps (And java and Mono apps
as well) is dependent on the use of "Launch Scripts". (A bash script
that points to the path of the app and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH where the
Boralnd version of QT and its dependencies can be found. and possibly
a Database engine path, or the ClassPath in the case of Java or Mono).
I am currently working on this problem by developing a Windows like
setup program in Kylix. The app suite will consist of two programs.
One will be s setup builder that will allow developers to easily make
setup scripts complete with all the necessessary launch scripts for
the app to work as a console started app or with KDE, GNOME or BOTH.
The second program will be a Windows style end user set up program
that will work on conjunction with setup builder scripts which will
allow the end users to easily install the program to their home user
directory. (The only directory where non root users can install or
uninstall software.) and modify the launch scripts created by the
setup builder easily to fit their computer's needs.
If any of you Borlanders and Kylixers are interested in this suite
please contact me through following up on this post.