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Deploying Kylix 3 apps

2004-08-17 04:20:20 PM
I'm not a real programmer, just a dabbler, a hobbyist, not interested in
making money from it. I've just recently starting using Linux, and as an
old Delphi user, I decided to try out Kylix. What I would like to know is
the various ways people deploy their Kylix applications. I have read this
So I think I understand most of the issues. If I was creating a Kylix 3
"Hello World" sort of app (i.e. I'm using open edition, so no corba
stuff, or database stuff, or web stuff, just using basic visual clx
components), what would I need to distribute? I was thinking that the only
thing I need to distribute is the libborqt*.so file. The site above also
distributes libqt*.so and libqtintf*.so, but I'm not sure why.
I was thinking of doing it this way: make the libborqt*.so file available
from my site, so that users would only have to download it once, and then
they could go ahead and download my apps. I mean, it seems so wasteful to
have to always include libborqt*.so (plus maybe more) with each of my apps!
Any advice on this subject would be appreciated. But remember, I'm just a
hobbyist making small, simple gui apps.

Re:Deploying Kylix 3 apps

You can also put a link to on you
download page.
Andreas Hausladen
( - unofficial Kylix 3 patches)