Re: End of Kylix for sure - Borland literally sold out

2006-02-09 07:38:00 AM
At 23:56:41, 08.02.2006, Trane Francks wrote:
Goodness, what a shock to wake up to on a Thursday morning:


Borland is selling the side of its business that involves developer
tools. I'm shocked and disappointed. And where does it leave Kylix?
Will Segue Software pick up and fix all that's broken or has the
"classic" package now truly died?
There are two messages: 1. they acquired (bought) Segue (for their
ALM/SDO part of Borland), and 2. they will put the Developer section on
its own feet. 1 has nothing to do with 2. The Developer section will
become a new company of its own.
Rudy Velthuis [TeamB]
"Science is what people understand well enough to explain to a
computer. All else is art." -- Donald Knuth