Free Long Distance

2005-08-25 03:14:04 AM
Mr. Al Krauza, President and Co-Founder of AdCalls Inc. Just recently announced the debut of The AdCalls Dialer. Free Long Distance Calling is now possible using the new patent pending AdCalls phone dialer system.
AdCalls is becoming one the fastest growing VOIP Free calling solutions in the world today. Although VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is not new, AdCalls and the AdCalls dialer is.
Unlike the few companies that offer VOIP and charge their customers a fairly High fee for usage, AdCalls is FREE. Not only that, they reward you for using it and telling others about their services.
David W. Dorman, CEO of AT&T says: "VOIP is the most significant, fundamental new technology shift in decades". That's the CEO of AT&T speaking!
You can listen to a brief overview by calling Toll Free: (800-876-6007). You can also Download the FREE AdCalls Dialer and find out all about the Tremendous income possibilities offered by this Unique Company.
Simply Log In To:
Fill out the form, Download your Free Dialer and enjoy!
Francis W. Boden
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