Need insight on move to Linux.

2003-10-20 07:50:07 AM
Our school district computer labs started way back in Dos/Win days with
Pascal. Over the years we updated with TurboPascal and then to Delphi
all of which have been great.
Now, it looks like the entire district may go to Linux for several reasons
and we are researching what the labs would have to move to. As I
understand it Kylix looks and acts just like Delphi. Is that correct?
Plus, from the little that I understand on this group, Kylix may be coming
to an end. Does that mean that Delphi would end also?
C should not be a problem since from our meeting it appears that the
language is almost built into Linux, but at least half of our computer
teaching staff would have to be retrained from scratch if that is the only
language we teach.
Anybody got any insights on a move like this?
Thank you