Do the numbers

2004-01-17 05:43:11 PM
Ok I have made it bigtime and I have a catalog company
with 4 million customers in the USA and 4 million in
I have area call centers and warehouses with my main
distro warehouses near major seaports such as NY
San Fran and Seattle in the states and Liverpool
London and Antwerp in Europe.
The area call centers are one centeral warehouse
for each state, and the same in Europe.
We have over 1,000 computers company wide
and I know Win2$$3 is going to cost.
I use FireBird as the database. I decide Win2$$3
is to expensive and I figure open office is just as good
as MS Office so I go the Linux route and I decide
to get a Linux network guy in to design a system.
Is it true I just buy one copy of Linux and load it
on as many machines as I like ?
The same with open office and FireBird db?
How much would it cost for MS route
How much the Linux route.
Oh! by the way I havent realy made it bigtime
I just wanted some kind of cost comparison in real
Thank you