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Re: A suggestion regarding lack of support for Kylix

2003-09-08 03:13:33 PM
Personally, I'd feel safe assuming that "Delphi for .NET" will conform to
the standard.
That would mean that Borland ignores all "extensions" Microsoft will
include in their IL compilers (supposedly soon to be integrated in the
Windows OSes). Will Borland really will strong enough to withstand these
intentions to cripples standards that Microsoft is famous for ?
As for the rest, it's up to the Mono project.
Of course Mono will soon grow to be compliant to the (ISO) standard. But
of course it will not be able to follow any (not openly published and/or
maybe patented) extensions Microsoft is going to include.
If Borland is strong, their tools will be able to create platform
independent IL while Microsoft tools will not, because they need to push
the closed Windows world. That might be a great chance for Borland in
the market.

Re:Re: A suggestion regarding lack of support for Kylix

I know MySQL is pretty good and it does
have an ADO.Net driver for the Windows platform, but I don't think
that will work on linux.
What a beast is an ADO.NET driver ? If IL defines a database API (be it
ADO or whatever, it needs to be platform independent to comply with the
standard) it's not the responsibility of the system creating the IP code
(Delphi) to provide this, but of the system that runs the IL-Code
(Mono). So I think it's for sure that Mono will provide a standard
compliant interface to mySQL.

2) Mono itself isn't ready for primetime.

I suppose that will be soon after the ISO standard is fixed.

Re:Re: A suggestion regarding lack of support for Kylix

Mono is the best hope to transform Linux into an equally viable platform for
both proprietary and Open Source software.
Good point.
And no surprise (at least to
me<g>) that many in the OS community don't like it very much.

There is a lot of propriety stuff on Linux. This pushes the use of Linux
in many areas. So why should the community not appreciate this (while
not being willing to grant free support for this, of course). As Mono
itself is open source, is a necessity, complaint to an official (ISO)
standard and likely to be pushing Linux, it really is greatly in
accordance with the rules of the community.