With the cost of Gasoline rising, Will the US Wake up?

2005-10-16 09:01:29 PM
I believe the US citizens should take a long look at what is happening. We are working way too hard. because of this, we tend to forget, overlook or ignore the details that make life worth living.
What's wrong with that statement? What is worth living for is relitive to the individual. Personally, I find being available for my children worth living for. I want to be able to help in my children's school; be a chaperone on field trips; etc.
What does this have to do with the price of gasoline? Everything! We spend so much time driving to our 2 or 3 jobs, or driving for our jobs that we are driving the gasoline prices sky high. Since we are using so much gasoline we have to work just to put gasoline into our vehicles.
the US is becoming a slave to a fuel we could all but eliminate.
The US citizens needs to start working smarter. Do more business with the telephone and the fax. Order more products over the Internet. In fact, a good portion of jobs could actually be done from the home instead of a centralized office.
We as a society could make a few modifications to save the US from bankrupting itself do to the cost of gasoline.
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