Re: Just installed kylix

2005-02-18 11:04:33 PM
peter.holm wrote:
Sorry : SuSE 9.2, Kde 3.3.2 "a" and Kernel 2.6.8-24.10
Cheers. Peter Holm.
Well, FYI:
Kylix Open Edition Version 3.0 ("patched") works with SuSE 9.2, KDE-3.3.92
(beta2) Level "a" (SuSE rpms), kernel-default-2.6.8-24.11, and
I tried the newest xorg-x11-6.8.2, but got massive font problems with Kylix
that I could not solve (tried every trick I knew/could find - a solution is
There are some minor issues though:
- IDE menu accelerators do not work (e.g. <Alt>-F to open the 'File'-menu).
The menu disappears as soon as it is drawn. At one time the 'File'-menu
remained open; but after pressing 'O' (for 'Open File') Kylix went into an
endless loop, and I had to kill it with SIGTERM.
- Replace text dialog (^QR): entering search text is not always possible.
Hitting the arrow down key prior to entering the search text solves this.