New Approach to Save Kylix

2005-01-08 04:12:36 PM
Here is a new approach to saving Kylix that I came up with this morning
if we could get Borland and TrollTech (They still own the obsolete QT/2
widget set needed for Kylix's CLX componants) interested.
1. Put the Kylix compilers, IDEs, de{*word*81}s, The Borland DB engine for
Linux proprietary CLX, the version of QT/2 (by either TrollTech
donation or Borland buyout of just this particular version from
TrollTech) that Kylix and the rest of the tools that Kylix uses under
the following type of open source licence.
a. The licence makes the source code freely available to all users, all
source code that is given to improve Kylix would be jointly owned by
the New OpenKylix project and the code's individual author a-la the
b. Allows Kylix, QT/2 and CLX to be continue to be used by both
commercial (closed source proprietary) and Open Source/Free Software
developers at least in its professional and entwerprise forms. (This
should be like the WxWidgets or OpenWatcom licenses).
2. Make the unit from CrossKylix that allows executable binaries built
with it and CLX to find the QT/2 libraries without the need of startup
scripts an official part of the new open source Kylix distro.
This project would support itself in the following ways.
1. By direct donation to the project through PayPal or some similar
online payment device.
2. By selling the new OpenKylix (That is what I think the new version
should be called)
on CD-Rom for say 20 dollars for the pro version and 200 dollars for
the enterprise version. (The current "Open" version would be dumped
under this proposal as it is insufficient for a lot of modern
programming tasks (no DB support) and so that the term Open can added
to the product name at all levels.)
These donations and sales would be used to both support the project and
support TrollTech for the donation or purchase of QT/2.
It is my belief that opensourcing ALL of Kylix under these terms would
save it and make a very unique Linux product with the following
1. Its own "official" GUI widget set much like python with Tkinter.
(Once donated or bought out QT/2 would have to be renamed so as not to
violate the TrollTech trademark.
Kind of thinking K-Widgets (for Kylix Widgets Set). Once owned by the
proposed OpenKylix project K-Widgets (QT/2) could be improved upon and
modernized to meet the future needs of Kylix alone.
2. It would be inexpensive advanced development software for Linux in
both C/C++ and Object Pascal in its current version 3 incarnation
available to ALL developers proprietary and FOSS alike. (Once again the
project would have to go back to the name Object Pascal for the
"Delphi" language because of the trademark rights applied to the name
"Delphi".) Indeed this may be the first time that open source product
could not only save the product but also be a profitable venture if
Borland and TrollTech wanted to continue to sponsor the project, be the
repository for the source codes involved (Kylix for Borland and
K-Widgets (QT/2) for TrollTech) and be the agent to take the donations
or sell the CDs.
I think this could work because the commercial Watcom C/C++/fortran77
compilers and associated tools were recently released to open source in
this manner and given the name OpenWatcom and this project has been
very successful for a small FOSS project.