Kylix 3 Installation Problem

2003-08-24 10:20:33 AM
This might not be the best place to post this, but there seems to be a few
posts about kernel version etc so I'll ask here.
I'm trying to install Kylix 3, but I'm not having much luck with glibc. When
I type "sh", I get the following output:
Checking dependencies...
Kernel version>= 2.2.0....OK line 1: /home/chris/.borchkld1876/borpretest: cannot execute
binary file
Glibc version....FAILED
Setup has determined that your system needs an updated version of glibc
(C runtime library). The version of glibc that is required varies by
distribution. Please read the document "PREINSTALL" on this disc.
X11 Server....OK
Libjpeg version>= 6.2.0....OK
Libgtk version>= 1.2.0....OK
Your system does not meet the minimum system requirements.
Setup cannot continue.
I looked through the preinstall document, and it says that some versions of
glibc have a bug, and that 2.2 fixes the problem. I have 2.3.1
(glibc-2.3.1-51a) but it doesn't work. I'm a bit concerned about that
"cannot execute binary file" error. I'm running an out-of-the-box install of
Yellow Dog Linux 3.0, which isn't one of the supported distributions, but
the documentation says that Kylix will run on any distribution that's been
configured properly.
Anyone got any ideas?