Re: Bright Future for Kylix

2003-07-11 07:03:26 PM
>JQP wrote:
>problem; particularly for any proprietary product. For those who need
>more proof, Borland has provided a real world example.
juliusz wrote:
A real example of what ? Kylix is a fine commercial product and what
it needs is a little attention from Borland, that's all.
I think it needed constant uninterruptable attention. In less than year
there are distros that Kylix cannot properly work with.
juliusz wrote:
And Linux has
nothing to do with the stage of the Kylix as it is of today. As a
matter of fact just because Linux by itself is extremely configurable
operating system it is possible to use Kylix with current Linux
distributions, with difficulties nevertheless it is possible.
Of course Linux has nothing to do, but this clearly shows that there are
problems because of ways how Linux and prooperitary software is developed
and maintained.
juliusz wrote:
If anything Kylix could be an example what happens to a fine product if
for some reasons a software vendor does not assign a sufficient
resources to maintain it.
And that's right also. But! Can you remember all this stuff about long and
expensive testing cycles. Multiple this on count of different Linux distros
and theirs frequent versions.